I am Carol Hoffman, Certified  Bridal Consultant and Wedding Coordinator, and I
office out of Red Oak, Texas.

I have been coordinating special events and parties for my church for 17 years.  I
helped with a number of weddings, as well.

When my daughter, Christy, was getting married at our church I decided to plan,
coordinate, decorate, make all the bouquets and flower arrangements, make the
tablecloths, and catered her entire wedding with hors d' oeuvres and full sit down
dinner.   I even made her wedding veil to match the beads and sequins on her dress.  
The reception was in the church gym and I used columns, lattice, curtains, tulle,
lights, arches, flower arrangements, and anything I could think of to completely
surround the reception area to make a "room inside a room".  I hung tulle and lights
from the center of the room to the columns in the corners.   All night everyone told
me how beautiful it looked and how the sanctuary and the reception area were the
most beautiful they had ever seen at our church.  

It was a job, and I was totally exhausted, but I had so much fun and loved every
minute of it.  However, after all the work and small fortune I spent -  I later discovered
it would not have cost much more to hire someone to handle the entire wedding for
me.  That was when I decided I wanted to become a wedding coordinator.  I could help
other Brides and their families afford to hire me and be able to sit back and enjoy the

After my daughter's wedding I was asked to be the official church wedding
coordinator.  I took the position and also started my bridal consultant classes.  I have
been going ever since!

Although I have been coordinating and decorating for years, I have actually been in
business for approximately five years.

I love weddings and enjoy organizing, decorating, orchestrating, and seeing
everything come together for your most important day.

I would love the opportunity to sit down with you for a free initial consultation and
discuss YOUR dream wedding, and help make it more wonderful than you imagined!

I look forward to hearing from you!


                                           Carol Hoffman
Carol Hoffman
Certified Bridal Consultant
& Wedding Coordinator
Serving Red Oak, Dallas, Fort Worth and
Surrounding Areas
Phone:  214/226-1466